Rolls Royce Festival of Innovation

Innovation is the lifeblood of a company like Rolls-Royce, and the recent Festival of Innovation stood as a testament to this ethos. Hosted by the Development and Experimental Engineering team in Derby, the festival was not just an event but a celebration of technological advancements and collaborative efforts. Featuring a plethora of technology demonstrations, insightful talks, and interactive sessions, it also served as a platform for partners and suppliers to shine. Among them was Filamentive, invited to showcase its innovative strides in sustainable 3D printing.


What does Innovation mean to Filamentive?

At Filamentive, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s our very foundation. As a team dedicated to sustainability in 3D printing, we constantly navigate an ever-evolving industry. The Festival of Innovation provided us with a unique opportunity to share our vision – showing how innovation is deeply ingrained in our culture.

Our key takeaway? Innovation isn’t solely about technology. It’s about people coming together, breaking boundaries, and redefining what’s possible.


Recycled Filament to Limit Virgin Plastic Use

In an industry where 99% of the filament market is unrecycled, Filamentive stands out by prioritising recycled materials in our filament production. Our recent launch of Economy PLA – a UK-manufactured PLA 3D printing filament featuring up to 99.99% recycled material – is a prime example of this commitment.

By transforming discarded PLA waste into high-quality filament and using 100% recyclable cardboard spools, we’re not only promoting recycling but also actively reducing landfill waste.


Sustainable Spooling: Enabling End-user Recycling 

Did you know empty spools constitute 20% of 3D printing waste? With the majority of plastic filament spools not being reused or recycled, this is a critical area of concern. Filamentive addresses this issue head-on by implementing 100% recyclable cardboard spools for all our products. This move not only minimises landfill waste but also simplifies the recycling process for end-users in the UK.


Promoting a Circular Economy for 3D Printing

As plastic waste continues to be a significant challenge in the 3D printing industry, Filamentive takes its responsibility seriously. We’re not just spotlighting environmental challenges; we’re also informing operators about viable recycling solutions.

From discussing the recycling of 3D printing waste to debunking myths about PLA biodegradability and promoting sustainable practices, we’re at the forefront of advocating for a circular economy in 3D printing.