Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom – 18th March 2021 – UK 3D printing filament brand, Filamentive, is excited to announce a commitment to become Climate Positive, thanks to a partnership with Ecologi.

Recognising the immediate need to respond to the Climate Crisis, Filamentive is now investing in environmentally sustainable projects globally – including reforestation and renewable energy production, primarily in the developing world where the most impact can be made.

As a result, carbon emissions arising from production, transport and employee activity will be offset, harnessing a Climate Positive Workforce

“Sustainability is central to our business model; we’ve already demonstrated this by our commitment to recycled plastics and recyclable packaging, but now, thanks to Ecologi, we can ensure that we are taking further, tangible action on our journey to become a low carbon business. For every 1 kg of plastic sold, we pledge to offset at least 1 kg of CO2. As a result of this, 3D printing users can now be assured that they are making a Climate Positive purchase decision when choosing Filamentive”. Ravi Toor – Founder & Managing Director, Filamentive

The Filamentive Ecologi Profile Page visualises the commitment to global environmental sustainability, displaying the number of trees in a virtual forest, as well as the total quantity of carbon reduction (tonnes).

At the time of writing, 8.84 tonnes of CO2e has already been removed – equivalent to 7 long haul flights, 27 cubic metres of sea ice saved, or 21,932 miles driven in a car!

The Ecologi platform provides full transparency, with specific information on projects funded, financial statements and also clarity on CO2e calculation. More information on Ecologi can be found here.

Note: Filamentive’s financial contributions are based on 2020 production & transport calculations. The investment with Ecologi will be regularly reviewed to ensure the carbon reduction commitment is in-line with quantifiable CO2e generated from business operations. 

Filamentive ( is the market leader in sustainable materials for FFF 3D Printing. The company was founded to address the environmental need to use more recycled plastics in 3D printing, and also alleviate market concerns over quality and long-term sustainability. Filamentive has experienced rapid growth and continues to address the questions surrounding 3D printing recycled materials. Headquartered in Bradford, United Kingdom, its customers include a global network of makers, industry and education clients.