Filamentive sustainable materials have been used to produce eight, 3D-printed statues for the recent Adidas ‘Support is Everything’ campaign.


Research has found that London has more statues of men (21%) and animals (8%) than it does of women (4%). 


To support the push for greater representation in London, agency We Are Hyperactive unveiled a series of statues of women breaking boundaries in the world of sport and culture:

  • Asma Elbadawi, the first pro basketball player to wear a hijab
  • Ellie Goldstein, the first model with down syndrome to appear on the cover of Vogue
  • Eniola Eluko, England, Chelsea and Juventus legend
  • Vivien Miedema of Arsenal
  • Rugby World Cup winner, Emily Scarratt
  • LGBTQ+ community worker Tanya Compas
  • Sherri Silver, choreographer and UN ambassador
  • Francesca Brown, founder of Goals4Girls


Beautiful Wonder were appointed to oversee the entire production process and 3D printing service, RENND Ltd, undertook the role of manufacturing each individual statue. 

Each 3D-printed statue was produced entirely from industrially and environmentally reclaimed plastic waste provided by Filamentive. Using a specially developed print profile each statue was printed in 2 days across 10 printers. The pieces were assembled and painted by the team at Trick of the Eye.

These eight statues stood proudly on the banks of The Thames at London Riverside for two weeks, culminating as a fitting public display on International Women’s Day. Every statue has its own presence, and captures eight very different personalities. Together though, they have made for an impressive collection standing side by side. 

Plans are now underway to donate the statues to the local communities of each of these incredible women.


Marketing Impact – as per We are Hyperactive:

  • 1.7m views of the launch film 
  • 240k engagements across social media 
  • +50 pieces of PR coverage generating 38m impressions 
  • The second most watched film on @adidaslonodon