Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom – January 16th 2020 – UK 3D printing filament brand, Filamentive, is proud to announce the release of six brand new PETg colours, made from 99.5% recycled plastic.

The brand new rPETg colours are made from post-industrial recycled plastic – 99.5% recycled content (The 0.5% consists additives to improve 3D printing performance). 

Like the existing Filamentive PETg line, this filament is strong, does not warp, and is odour-neutral – a perfect all-rounder, ideal for those strong and durable parts.

Step 1: Discarded, single-source PETg plastic waste – that would otherwise go to landfill – is received from manufacturers.

Step 2: The plastic is sorted and cleaned, to remove any unwanted debris, before being shredded and melted down to further refine the polymer.

Step 3: The plastic present in a variety of colours and so therefore undergoes a compounding to create a grey-coloured, homogeneous material.

Step 4: Premium masterbatch is then added to this neutral shade pellets to create the desired colour – the material is extruded and wound onto 100% recyclable cardboard spools ready for use!

“By using single-source PETg plastic waste as a base for this filament, we are not only diverting plastic pollution away from our landfills / physical environments, but also achieving the premium quality our global network of makers, industry and education clients require.”

Ravi Toor, Founder & Managing Director, Filamentive

New PETg colours – along with other Filamentive 3D printer filament products – can be found online via and available in 1.75mm diameter only, with 2.85mm coming soon.

Please note: rPETg colours originate from a different source compared to our black, white and transparent colours. As such, we advise to print slightly hotter, with a lower fan speed. Given the variation in formula we have additional datasheets for these new PETg colours, available on our Downloads page.

Filamentive ( is the market leader in sustainable materials for FFF 3D Printing. The company was founded to address the environmental need to use more recycled plastics in 3D printing, and also alleviate market concerns over quality and long-term sustainability. Filamentive has experienced rapid growth and continues to address the questions surrounding 3D printing recycled materials. Headquartered in Bradford, United Kingdom, its customers include a global network of makers, industry and education clients.