3D printing users asking if our filament is made in the UK is a frequently asked question.

First and foremost, Filamentive’s sole mission is to be a premium filament UK brand, using sustainable materials where possible, without compromising quality


Made in the UK Filament for 3D Printing

Economy PLA is a made in the UK filament, aimed at 3D printing enthusiasts who value both supporting the local economy and reducing their environmental impact. Crafted with up to 99.99% recycled material, this filament showcases our commitment to sustainability and resource conservation.


To prevent PLA waste from being landfilled, we’ve collaborated with a trusted EU supplier to source the post-industrial waste material. This waste is then meticulously processed and extruded in the North of England, ensuring a product of the highest quality. We take pride in using 100% recyclable cardboard reels for spooling, further reducing environmental footprint.


With patented technology, Economy PLA guarantees hassle-free printing experiences and minimal warping issues. It’s the ideal filament choice for general prototyping and non-industrial applications, enabling you to bring your creative ideas to life.


UK Limited Company

Filamentive Limited is registered in England and Wales at Companies House. Furthermore, as our business has grown, as has our contribution to the UK economy and tax take, via VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE.


Premium 3D Printer Filament, Always in UK Stock

At Filamentive, we take pride in offering an extensive range of 3D printer filament lines, with over 10,000 products available in UK stock at any given time. Thanks to efficient distribution, we ensure next day delivery within the UK mainland. In fact, we maintain approximately £100,000 worth of filament stock, ready for same-day dispatch to cater to your urgent needs.


Locally Based in the Heart of the UK

Our dedicated team is headquartered in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. This strategic location serves as the central hub for our managerial, operational, and administrative functions. We believe in supporting local talent and expertise, and our UK base allows us to maintain close relationships with our customers, ensuring exceptional service and support.


Efficient UK Warehousing and Fulfilment of Filament Orders

To ensure timely order fulfilment, we have partnered with Cloud9, our trusted third-party logistics provider. Their state-of-the-art warehouse, conveniently located just fifty miles away in Sheffield, houses and dispatches our extensive range of filament. With this partnership, we guarantee swift and reliable delivery, right to your doorstep.


Empowering UK Industries

Filamentive has emerged as the go-to choice for thousands of UK businesses across a wide range of industries. From aerospace and automotive to consumer products, design, engineering, manufacturing, medical, and robotics, our high-quality materials are trusted by professionals to bring their 3D printing projects to life. Join the ranks of successful businesses that rely on Filamentive for their filament needs.


A Strong UK Supply Chain

At Filamentive, we believe in fostering strong partnerships within the UK. We collaborate closely with various businesses in our supply chain, including third-party logistics providers, material partners, packaging manufacturers, stationery suppliers, transport companies, couriers, and more. By supporting local businesses and contributing to the strength of the UK economy, we ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.


Your UK Filament Partner for Quality and Sustainability

When it comes to 3D printer filament, Filamentive stands out as your trusted source for premium products made right here in the UK. With our extensive stock, efficient operations, and commitment to supporting UK industries, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional printing experience. Join our growing community of satisfied customers and unlock your 3D printing potential with Filamentive.