Eco Responsible 3D Printing Alliance

Members of the Eco Responsible 3D Printing Alliance™ are committed to driving positive change in 3D printing – making a tangible impact to increase resource efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and harness a Circular Economy.

All partners embrace the following initiatives to achieve sustainable manufacturing:

3D Printing

Fundamentally additive, minimal wastage process

Recycled materials

High-percentage recycled plastics in lieu of virgin

Circular Economy

100% recyclable cardboard and packing materials

CO2 offset

Via reforestation and renewable energy production

Filamentive is proud to work alongside its valued partners to enable the Eco Responsible 3D Printing Alliance to be a reality.

Pearson Web Services

Providing Climate Positive web hosting and Sustainable Marketing consulting


Enables investment in environmentally-sustainable projects globally to offset CO2

ISO 14021

We adhere to the ISO 14021 standards for our declaration of recycled material content

Sustainability is perpetual. Filamentive will always endeavour to reduce the reliance of finite resources; ensuring the growth of our business – and 3D printing generally – does not cause detrimental impacts to our planet.

Please see this page to learn more about our Commitment to Sustainability.