Free PLA Waste Recycling
Free PLA Waste Recycling

New Customer - 3D Printing Waste Recycling

Did you know, Most People Don’t Recycle 3D Printing Waste?

The Problem: Every year, the 3D printing community faces a growing environmental challenge, with hundreds of thousands of kilograms of PLA waste contributing to global plastic pollution. 

Our Solution: Filamentive stands at the forefront of addressing this issue with our UK-first PLA Waste Recycling Scheme, designed for our customers to help reduce plastic pollution. It’s more than recycling—it’s a commitment to a sustainable future for 3D printing.

Are you open-minded to making 3D printing more sustainable?

Premium 3D Printing Materials, without Compromise
We offer one of the widest range of filament materials in the UK, more than 10,000 products in stock and FREE next day delivery.

Sustainable Spooling, Designed for a Circular Economy
All products ≤ 2.3 kg are wound on 100% recyclable cardboard spools, making it easier for you to participate in local recycling and minimise the environmental impact of hard-to-recycle plastics.

Cost-effective Filament Supply with our Trade Pricing
We recogniSe the unique needs of high-volume operators, businesses, and educational institutions, offering a substantial 30% trade discount on orders exceeding £83 + VAT. This approach ensures that our premium filaments are not only accessible but also cost-effective for our valued partners..

Commit to Zero Waste with our FREE PLA Recycling Scheme
For every £500 (ex VAT) spent with us, you will receive a free 3D Printing Waste recycling box, enabling recycling of your PLA 3D printing waste at no additional cost beyond your usual spend on filament with us. 

Join us on the Journey towards Sustainable 3D Printing

  1. Fill Out the Short Form Below: Share a bit about yourself and your 3D printing 
  2. Explore Filamentive as your Sustainable Supplier: A member of the team will be in-touch to discuss your requirements to see if we can support your sustainable 3D printing journey. 
  3. Recycle 100% of your PLA 3D Printing Waste: Learn how easy it is to participate in our PLA Recycling Scheme once you become a customer.