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New PLA Colours! (and 20% Discount)

“What happened to all your colours?!”

Ever since we re-launched, this has been a common question.

As you probably know, our (r)PLA is recycled; we take waste from polymer extrusion – be it offcuts, residual material or excesses – and remanufacture into high quality, recycled filament. Because we use waste, this pigment is typically a mix of colours. When we’re doing “darker” colours – no problem. But for certain colours (i.e. colours we haven’t stocked until now), it can be challenge to ensure no impact on pigment. We’re perfectionists – if we’re not happy, we’re definitely not going to sell it. However, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Everything we do is for your benefit. You wanted more colours, so it was our job to come up with a way of still making recycled filament, without compromising on pigment quality.

New Filamentive High Quality Recycled PLA Filament Colours for 3D Printing

New Filamentive High Quality Recycled PLA Filament Colours for 3D Printing















We’re happy to announce the following colours:



































Gold (Coming in 4-6 weeks)











We’re sorry it took so long. As a token of our appreciation for your business and also your patience, please use the code: 20FF  for 20% discount off your next order with us…

Click here to view our entire range 


Offer expires Sunday 1st October 2017 23:59pm GMT



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