Algae Based PLA – Sustainable 3D Printing Filament

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  • Algae-based, PLA filament
  • Semi-matte, textured finish
  • 5-10% Algae content, originating from post-industrial recycled material
  • Earthy colour palette
  • 1 kg of material
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Filamentive PLA Algae is an algae-based, bio-filler PLA material for sustainable 3D printing. Experience all the advantages of easy-to-print PLA filament, enhanced with superior aesthetics, perfect for eye-catching visual applications or semi-matte finishes, making it the ideal choice for your aesthetic 3D printing needs.

The Algae content is 5-10%, originating from post-industrial waste. Using recycled material reduces reliance on virgin plastic and also significantly reduces carbon footprint to promote more sustainable 3D printing practices.

What is Algae and Why is it a Problem?

Algal blooms can reduce the ability of fish and other aquatic life to find food and can cause entire populations to leave an area or even die. 

By removing toxic algae from the environment and using it as feedstock for a 3D printing material, ALGA is a markedly sustainable filament for 3D printers, helping to keep ecology in balance.

How Algae PLA Filament Enables Sustainable 3D Printing

Incorporating bio-based fillers into conventional polymers presents a practical way of reducing environmental impact. When added to biodegradable plastics, like PLA, algae increase their biodegradability. 

Also, thanks to their exceptional growth efficiency and capability to absorb significant quantities of CO2, algae-based fillers can offer additional environmental benefits for more sustainable 3D printing.

PLA Algae has eco-friendly, 100% recyclable cardboard spooling, and designed to universally fit most 3D printers in use worldwide.

Benefits of using Algae PLA filament for your 3D Prints

ALGA PLA provides 3D printing users with:

  • Contribution to environmental sustainability
  • Improved strength and reduced brittleness
  • Earthy colour tone
  • Unique, natural texture.
  • A filament suited to fine detail, design and artistic projects


Base material: PLA

Nozzle temperature: 185℃ - 210℃

Heated bed required: No

Bed adhesion: Glass Plate, Tape, Buildtak, PEI

Nozzle size: ≥0.4mm

Print Speed: 50mm/s

Fan speed: 100%

Flow rate: 100%

Retraction: ±5mm

Drying: Optional

The settings above are meant as a guide to find your optimal print settings. They should work well for most printers, but every printer is different. Please feel free to experiment outside these ranges if you think it is suitable for your printer.

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Natural, 1.75mm, Sage, 1.75mm


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