bioPC 500g Engineering 3D Printer Filament – Black

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As 3D printing becomes commonplace in many industries, there is a need for high-performance filament. Polycarbonate type materials already exist, however many of them are difficult to print, not to mention harmful to health and the environment. In response this, we’re proud to offer bioPC - a copolyester material, boasting heat resistance to 100°C, high impact resistance and chemical resistance. Polycarbonate filaments typically contain Bisphenol A (BPA) – a chemical strongly linked to serious health and environmental impacts. As an ethical brand, we’re pleased to announce that our bioPC is BPA-free. Overall, this is an impressive, easy to print, engineering filament.

Recommended printing temperature: 260-290°C

Recommended heated bed temperature: 80-100 ̊C

Storage: Cool and dry conditions, ideally ~20°C. Use included vacuum bag to avoid moisture. bioPC can be prone to moisture. A dry box is recommended, or the filament can be oven-dried at 65 ̊C for 24 hours.


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1.75mm, 2.85mm

3 reviews for bioPC 500g Engineering 3D Printer Filament – Black

  1. R

    Excellent engineering material – easy to print and great properties!

  2. Meady638

    Received a sample of this. Great performance for a harder material. Finish was as expected and matched a pla finish. Another great product A+

  3. Domenico Lamberti (verified owner)

    make sure you dry it because they weren’t lying about it absorbing moisture. but I print at 275 and 90 on my prusa mini with no issues, larger items get a brim but otherwise its a breeze, might as well be PETG as far as the prinatbility is concerned.

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