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FLEXpro 3D Printer Filament Sample – 50g

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*Sample colours are not guaranteed – for specific requests please contact*

FLEXpro 3D Printer Filament Sample – 50g

Please note: sample colour will be random and cannot be requested. FLEXpro is beta material and we’re looking forward to receiving feedback!

High performance, flexible filament, without the problems!

Our flexible filament has been formulated from the highest quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) – it is strong, flexible, heat resistant up to 140°C, and features excellent printability on both direct-drive and Bowden extruder systems. Overall this is the perfect flexible filament, combing material properties and ease of use – ideal for orthopedic, prosthetics, RC and many other applications.

Recommended printing temperature: 220-250°C

Recommended heated bed temperature: Can be printed without, but if you have one, we recommend 40-60°C

Storage: Cool and dry conditions, ideally ~20°C

Please note: Oven re-drying is recommended to eliminate moisture when the filament has out of the bag for many hours

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Weight N/A

1.75mm, 2.85mm

2 reviews for FLEXpro 3D Printer Filament Sample – 50g

  1. R

    Easy to print!

  2. Sascha Matiz (verified owner)

    ive got a sample a view moth’s ago.
    it prints very easy and has a nice surface finish.

    note: it’s not super flexible but good enough for dapeners or flexing parts with a little stiffnes

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