ONE PET 750g Red 3D Printer Filament 2.85mm

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ONE PET 750g - Red 3D Printer Filament 2.85mm

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ONE PET is a 100% recycled filament made from post-consumer PET plastic bottle waste. This is a stiff and tough material with excellent interlayer adhesion, available in a wide range of colours to suit needs and requirements.

Where our regular PETg has a better impact resistance, ONE PET boasts superior technical properties such as tensile strength, elongation strain at break and tensile modulus.

Please note: PET filaments such as ONE PET are inherently more hygroscopic than other materials - therefore please ensure you keep it dry. Should you need to dehydrate ONE PET we recommend oven-drying at 65° for 24 hours.


(based on Ultimaker 2+)

Flow: 103%

Extrusion Width: 0.35

Retraction Distance: 1mm

Layer Height: 0.2

Top Layers: 4

Bottom Layers: 4

Wall line count: 2

Infill: 20%

Internal Fill Pattern: Grid

Extruder Temp.: 260°

Heated bed: 70°

Fan Speed: 0% (Top layers should have 100% of fan speed)

Speed: 50 mm/s

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm


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