Filamentive Launch Free Recycling for PLA 3D Printing Waste


Every year, the 3D printing industry confronts a pressing environmental dilemma, with up to 400,000 kilograms of plastic generated as 3D printing waste, with 70% of this waste NOT recycled; the primary barriers include lack of recycling options and prohibitive costs.  

Filamentive aims to make a significant step forward with an exciting announcement: the launch of a Free PLA 3D Printing Waste Recycling Scheme. This initiative is designed to tackle these very barriers head-on, making PLA waste recycling an effortless and cost-free process for our valued customers.


How Free PLA 3D Printing Waste Recycling works


Understanding that recycling involves its own set of logistical and processing costs, we’ve implemented a minimum spend threshold. This pragmatic approach ensures we can sustainably offer this service by balancing the initiative’s costs. Once eligible, Filamentive customers gain access to PLA recycling services via our UK partner, 3D Printing Waste (3DPW) for no added cost beyond their usual spend on filament products with us.

Upon validation, we’ll send out a FREE 45L PLA waste recycling box. Whether it’s failed prints, support structures, or the so-called ‘printer poop’ from multi-colour prints, 3DPW handles the entire waste management process – from collecting your filled box to ensuring a 100% landfill diversion through various recycling methods, giving your PLA waste a second life.


Reducing 3D Printer Plastic Pollution for a Circular Economy



This scheme isn’t just about recycling; it’s a testament to our commitment to minimising the environmental footprint of 3D printing. For every £500 (ex VAT) spent on PLA-based filament, we reward our customers with a FREE 3D Printing Waste Recycling Box —our way of thanking you for joining us on this sustainability journey.


“Most 3D printing waste isn’t recycled, but we’re here to change that. This new scheme now offers our valued customers a viable, cost-free recycling solution to reduce plastic pollution and make sustainable 3D printing an achievable reality. Whilst this involves a financial commitment from us, we view this not as a cost but instead a necessary investment in our planet’s future.”

Ravi Toor, Managing Director, Filamentive


By joining us, you’re not just reducing plastic pollution from your 3D printing activities; you’re also taking a significant step towards sustainability and championing a Circular Economy.


Eligibility Criteria


  • You must be an existing Filamentive customer
  • Your total spend with Filamentive must be ≥£500 (ex. VAT) on eligible products
  • Only valid for purchases during the period 1st January 2024 onwards
  • You are recycling PLA 3D printer filament waste ONLY
  • Stipulated order number(s) have not been submitted for a separate waste return