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Ravi’s Story

In late 2015, founder and director of Filamentive, Ravi Toor, recognised a need for change in the 3D printing market. After studying an environment-based degree and having run a 3D printing business previously, Ravi realised that the high quality filament in the market was not sustainable, and the recycled filament options were not up to standard. Upon realisation, Ravi sought to create a new brand of filament, which simultaneously addresses environmental impact and the need for high quality to meet the needs of the 3D printing market. Following support from the University of Leeds, as well as external funding through awards and grants, Ravi was able to research, explore and develop his idea into action, growing Filamentive from ‘paper to product’.

What the world needs

There is a clear environmental need for recycled filament globally. For instance, did you know, 90% of all plastics we use come from non-renewable sources? As 3D printing grows, this will only exacerbate the issue. Yes PLA is plant-based but it is not the answer – bioplastics (such as PLA) compete for land with food crops and biofuels and so without proper management, the demand for 3D printing filament could challenge food and energy security. In landfill, PLA can take hundreds of years to break down naturally.

Recycled filament – The solution?

As 3D printing becomes more popular, plastic production and consumption will increase, causing many environmental impacts. Filamentive was set-up to address the environmental concerns in 3D printing – committed to using recycled materials where possible, without compromising quality. 

3D printing market

There is also a clear market demand for recycled 3D printer filament:

  • 98% of 3D printer users believe recycling is important
  • 93% would buy recycled filament
  • Two-thirds of those are motivated by environmental reasons
  • Most 3DP consumers would pay at or above the market price for typical filament


Used by more than 3000 makers, 3D Hubs, businesses and universities, Filamentive has become a main player in the 3D printing market – being named “One of the Most Impactful Start-ups” by Web Summit in 2017 and also shortlisted as a finalist for 3D Printing Material Company of the Year in 2018.


We are passionate about pioneering sustainability in desktop 3D printing. With our high standards of quality and customer service, we offer a proposition like no other.

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