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Making High Quality Recycled 3D Printer Filament

All filament produced contains recycled content. Post-consumer waste is used in our rPETg, and involves the recycling of waste – such as empty plastic bottles – generated by households or by commercial firms. Pre-consumer waste is used in our rPLA, and involves the recycling of waste from existing manufacturing processes – such as failed extrusion, excess material and general wastage associated with production.

“Surely recycled filament is not as good as normal filament?!”

This opinion in held by many, however, we are challenging this negative perception. All feedstock streams are meticulously checked to ensure homogeneity. During extrusion, filament is measured by lasers from 2-axes, with an alarm bell sounding if the diameter falls outside our high standards. Filament is then wound onto bulk spools for visual inspection before it is put onto the individual spools to be packaged. Each batch produced undergoes a rigorous 3D printing test; if we’re not happy with the print quality then it won’t leave the factory, simple as.

This results in:

  • Up to 90% recycled filament, free of foreign debris
  • ±0.05mm diameter tolerances
  • Minimum of 95% roundness
  • Vivid pigment

We don’t just stop at the filament itself – we also use 100% recycled plastic spools as well as recyclable cardboard packaging. Sustainability is key to our business model and we continue to reduce our environment impact with new products and initiatives.

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