Where are you located?

Our HQ is located in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. This is where our Recycled 3D Printer Filament is distributed from.

Which filament can I use in my 3D printer?

This depends entirely on the make, model and type of 3D printer you have. Desktop FDM/FFF 3D printers can print PLA, and if equipped with a heated bed, can also print materials with a higher melting point, such as ABS.

Why do you sell 2.85mm filament? My machine is 3.00mm

Many desktop 3D printers have a Bowden setup work and so better with 2.85mm filament. We produce 2.85mm filament as 3.00mm to keep things simple. Our 2.85mm filaments have a tolerance of 0.05mm and work on all 3D printers with a diameter of 3.00mm.

Do you sell in bulk?

Of course! We offer substantial discounts for large orders. So whether you’re an education client, business user or reseller, you can be assured we can meet your filament needs!

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, unless our couriers exclude your country, we can ship worldwide!

How long will my order take to arrive?

For products we have in stock, we aim to send them out within 24 hours. UK customers should receive orders within 2-3 working days and for mainland Europe orders, please allow 3 – 5 working days for delivery. Delivery times to other locations vary and larger orders can take 3-4 weeks. Please contact us for further information.

What is your returns policy?

We are so confident that you’ll love Filamentive; we give all customers a 90-day guarantee. If you are not happy with your order for whatever reason, please contact us to arrange return of your item/s. Please note – customers are responsible for all shipping costs incurred when returning on a non-fault basis.

How should I store my filament?

3D printer filaments are sensitive to water absorption, especially PLA. To keep your filament fresh for longer, keep it in a cool, dry area, away from direct sunlight.

How do you make your filament?

Our recycled 3D printer filament is made using internal and external waste streams where possible, in lieu of virgin materials. We use industry-leading manufacturing procedures as well as maintaining high standards of quality in order to ensure excellence.