Filamentive Pro

Specialised portfolio of high performance 3D printing polymers for industrial applications.

With hardware innovation enabling desktop FFF 3D printers to be capable of printing high temperature materials, high-performance polymers such as PEEK, PEKK, PPSU and ULTEM can now be utilised by engineers to create custom, high-value parts for critical applications.

Offering strength-to-weight ratios that surpass most metals, this next generation of high-performance polymers have the capability to disrupt the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and medical industries.

Sustainability remains a strong focus of Filamentive PRO – to reduce environmental impact, all materials sold will be spooled onto 100% recyclable cardboard reels, reducing waste and eliminating hard-to-recycling plastic reels. Furthermore, said polymers are inherently more hard-wearing and resistant than conventional 3D printing filaments such as PLA, enabling long-term, end-use applications – extending product life cycles and thus reducing the associated material input, energy use and wastage. Furthermore, Filamentive’s partnership with Ecologi ensures carbon emissions arising from production, transport and employee activity are now offset.

Filamentive PRO consists of the follow filaments for 3D printers: PEI (Ultem), PPSU, PEEK, PEEK-CF, PEKK, PAHT (Nylon), PAHT-CF and PP-CF.

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