Filamentive is premium filament UK brand, using sustainable materials where possible, without compromising quality – guaranteed. Filamentive is the 3D printer filament of choice for thousands of UK businesses – ranging from industries such as aerospace, architectural, automotive, consumer products, design, engineering, manufacturing, medical and robotics. All of whom use our materials for their 3D printing. If you are still unsure, or perhaps still evaluating other filament brands, here are 20 Reasons to Choose Filamentive.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – or your money back!

Thousands of makers and businesses enjoy Filamentive and so we’re confident you’ll love our materials as much as they do!

In fact, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied and our troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue(s) you are facing, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee – or a replacement if preferred.


Reduce your Environmental Impact with Recycled Materials

Our aim is to provide a sustainable source of raw materials to 3D printing users. Where possible, recycled materials will be used to produce our 3D printer filament, in accordance with ISO 14021:2016

A careful selection criteria is in place in order to guarantee single-source waste streams. We are mainly working with post-industrial waste – material diverted from the waste stream during a manufacturing process. 

The environmental benefits of this are: reducing the amount of plastic being sent to landfill, avoiding consumption of the Earth’s finite oil stocks and lowering energy demand compared to producing new, virgin polymers.


Reduce your Waste with 100% Recyclable Cardboard Filament Spools

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products by increasing recyclability.

At Filamentive, the entire product lifecycle is considered – enabling reuse / recycling of filament spools in-line with Circular Economy. Furthermore, all cardboard product boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard, and can then be recycled also via council / industrial recycling bins (in the UK).


Benefit from Supporting a UK Business

Filamentive’s sole mission is to be a premium filament UK brand, using sustainable materials where possible, without compromising quality.

Filamentive is a Legitimate UK Limited Company. Furthermore, as our business has grown as has our contribution to UK tax take – via VAT, Corporation Tax and PAYE. Our team is based in Bradford, United Kingdom.

We have strong partnerships with a range of UK businesses including material partners, packaging manufacturers, stationery suppliers, transport companies and many more, all of which contribute to growing the UK economy!


Trade Discount for 3D Printing Users

We offer a significant discount for trade 3D printer filament orders – see here. As of August 2021, we offer a 30% trade discount on orders >£83 + VAT

It is completely free to sign-up and is open to business, academic and prosumer users of 3D printing who order higher quantities and wish to save money on their filament purchases.


More than 20 Different Materials for 3D Printing

We offer one of the widest range of filament materials in the UK, including PLA filament for 3D printers PLA, PLA Cosmic, PLA Matte, PLA Tough. ePLA and Wood PLA.

PETg filament for 3D printers PETg, and Carbon Fibre PETg.

We offer 3 styrene-based filaments – ABS, ABS100 (100% recycled) and ASA.

Filamentive PRO is a specialised portfolio of engineering & high performance polymers for industrial applications.

Engineering filament for 3D printing includes: PAHT (Nylon), PAHT-CF and PP-CF.

High performance polymer filament for 3D printing includes: PEI ULTEM 9085, PEI ULTEM 1010, PPSU, PEEK CF 9676, PEEK 9581, PEKK 50082.


High Levels of Filament, UK Stock, when you need it

Thanks to our warehousing capacity, at any one time we have more than 10,000 products in stock – consisting of more than 20 materials, more than 100 colours, reel sizes from 300g to 8.5 kg across both diameters – 1.75mm and 2.85mm.

Rest assured that whether you’re 3D printing for profit, pleasure, or perhaps both, we will have the desired filament for your 3D printer!


Try Before you Buy

Want to try Filamentive? Need to test a new material? Unsure of recycled material(s)? We’re very confident in our quality, but to reassure you we offer low-cost 50g samples in all available filament materials we stock – meaning you can pay a small price to test the filament you need prior to committing to full spools.

To further support you, we publish a comprehensive print guide to optimise your 3D printing!


100% Recyclable 3D Printing Waste

A frequently asked question is “can I recycle 3D printing waste?”

If you are wondering what to do with your 3D print waste, you’ll be pleased to know that Filamentive materials have been proven to be 100% recyclable* using desktop extruders – for example, London-based Architectural practice, Make, have implemented this solution into their model-making workflow. This further reduces plastic waste with the additional financial benefit of lowering on-going materials costs. 

*PLA, PETg and ABS


Same-day Dispatch on UK Filament Orders

Whether you’re printing for business or fun, rest assured we do our utmost to get you your filament order ASAP.

Provided your order is received by 1pm – Monday to Friday – we will dispatch your filament order same-day. 


FREE Next Day UK Filament Delivery

Linked to the above, our partnership with Parcelforce ensures next working day delivery. 

We also absorb the cost of this. Premium next day delivery comes as standard.


Hassle-free, first-time-right 3D printing

Filamentive is a participant of the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program. Four of our 3D printing filaments – ASA, Carbon Fibre, PETg and PLA – have been added to the Ultimaker Marketplace

As such, these four products are listed in the Ultimaker software and all 3D printing settings will be provided to make sure that we can together offer unprecedented hassle-free printing, first-time-right-printing and ease of use to our joint end-users – substantially improving printing reliability and printing quality.


Help to Offset your CO2e by Choosing Us

With Ecologi, we plant trees and fund environment projects globally to ensure we are Climate Positive.

For every 1 kg of plastic produced, at least 1 kg of CO2 will be offset. 


Join the Eco Responsible 3D Printing Alliance

The vision for the Eco Responsible 3D Printing Alliance™ is to curate a group of like-minded organisations to drive positive change in 3D printing – making a tangible impact to increase resource efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and harness a Circular Economy.

In addition to the primary environmental benefit, this also unlocks commercial opportunities for businesses using 3D printing – enabling increased brand equity and enhanced USP, as well as tangible marketing benefits such as lead generation, SEO improvement and content for social channels.


XL Filament Spools for your BIG 3D Prints

As a 3D printer filament supplier to thousands of makers, businesses and 3D printing service providers, we understand the market demands and needs, and therefore offer large spools of our 3D printing filament – in 2.3 kg, 4.5 kg and 8.5 kg sizes.

XL Filament spools are perfect for large 3D prints / large format 3D printers. The extra volume of material also ensures fewer spools changes which increases production efficiency.

Furthermore, filament winding equipment is set-up to achieve economies of scale, and so it requires less labour to wind larger filament spools – this lowers manufacturing cost and therefore we pass on the cost-savings.


Highest Level of Filament Safety Compliance 

Ensuring you are 3D printing safely is above all else. Rest assured, all filament for 3D printers are compliant with the following safety standards:



FREE Datasheet Download

To further support operational, technical and regulatory procedures, we publish in-depth Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

See our Downloads Page for PDF versions.

Expert Support and Customer Service

Have questions or need assistance? Our team of experts is here to help ensure your 3D printing needs are met, providing support from selection to printing. Contact Us whenever you need out help!

Custom Filament Options

Need a specific type or colour of filament that’s not in our regular inventory? We can work with you to create custom filament options tailored to your project needs.

Education and Resources

Access a wealth of resources including tutorials, guides, and articles to help you get the most out of your 3D printing efforts. See our Downloads Page.