Free PLA Waste Recycling
Free PLA Waste Recycling

Spend £500 (ex VAT)* and receive a FREE PLA recycling box

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Despite 3D printing being fundamentally additive, the process generates large amounts of waste.

In fact, research suggests up to 33% of 3D prints end up as waste, contributing to an estimated 400,000 kg of plastic waste annually in the UK alone from filament-based 3D printing.

The crux of the issue isn’t just the generation of waste; it’s the stark reality that 70% of 3D printer operators don’t recycle their PLA waste

A mix of limited recycling options and prohibitive cost barriers, as per research, are the main reason for the lack of recycling.

If you’re open-minded to sustainable 3D printing, our new PLA 3D printing waste recycle scheme changes all of this.

This more than just an initiative; it’s a commitment to environmental stewardship in 3D printing. We understand the hurdles in waste management and are here to dismantle them, one eco-friendly step at a time!

For every £500 (ex VAT)* spent with us, you’ll receive a free 3D Printing Waste 45L recycling box – worth over £50 – enabling you to recycle your PLA 3D printing waste at no added cost. 

This initiative not only underlines our commitment to sustainable 3D printing but also enables eco-conscious 3D printer users to reduce environmental impact.

By joining us, you’re contributing to a cleaner planet, championing environmental sustainability, and fostering a Circular Economy.

*Cumulative spend allowed – multiple orders totaling the minimum spend requirement, such as 5 orders each amounting to £100 (excluding VAT), will qualify.


Who is eligible for Filamentive's free recycling box scheme?

All existing customers in the UK who have spent a minimum of £500 on PLA 3D Printer Filament products through our website, , are eligible for our free recycling box scheme.

How do I participate in the FREE PLA 3D printing waste recycling scheme?

Existing customer? Provided you meet the eligibility criteria outlined above, simply fill out the waste return/eligibility form on our dedicated recycling scheme landing page with your order number(s), customer details, and shipping address.

Not yet a Filamentive customer? Assuming you’re open-minded to switching your filament supply to us to recycle your PLA 3D printing waste with us, please register their interest through the form provided on the same page for the next steps.

Can I participate in the scheme if I haven't reached the £500 spending threshold?

The scheme is designed to reward customers who have spent £500 or more, excluding VAT. If you haven’t reached this threshold yet, we encourage you to continue purchasing our sustainable products to become eligible for the recycling box.

*Cumulative spend allowed – multiple orders totalling the minimum spend requirement, such as 5 orders each amounting to £100 (excluding VAT), will qualify.

What types of 3D printing waste can I send back in the recycling box?

The recycling box is intended for Filamentive PLA 3D printer filament waste ONLY. This includes PLA-based composites such as Tough PLA, Matte PLA, Cosmic PLA and Wood PLA. Please ensure that the waste is clean and free from contaminants before sending it back to us.

Is there a limit to how much 3D printing waste I can send back?

We highly recommend filling your recycling box to its full capacity with PLA filament waste. Since plastic has a considerable volume-to-weight ratio, we suggest minimising the size of your waste as much as possible. Whether by breaking, shredding, or granulating, reducing the size of your waste allows you to fit more into the box. This not only enhances the efficiency of each waste return but also leads to more plastic being recycled overall! For detailed information on the box’s weight limits and dimensions, please refer to the instructions provided with your recycling box.

What happens after I return my filled PLA 3D printing waste recycling box?

Our partners 3D Printing Waste (3DPW) will received your filled recycling box once returned and take care of the recycling process. You’ll be contributing to a circular economy, reducing your plastic waste, and helping make your operations and 3D printing generally – more sustainable!

How does my PLA 3D Printing waste get recycled?

3DPW offers viable end-of-life solutions for 3D-printed waste that is not currently recycled or reused, thus preventing further plastic pollution of land and marine environments. This includes recycling – supplying waste as feedstock for manufacturing processes such as Injection Moulding; upcycling – utilising plastic waste as input material to produce value-added creative products to give your plastic waste a new life; Pelletising – shredding plastic waste and then, melting and reforming as pellets for resale as secondary materials.

Will my returned 3D printing waste be recycled into filament?

While we aim to create a ‘closed loop’ system where returned waste is transformed back into filament, current challenges related to maintaining the high-quality standards required for filament and economic factors make this process complex. 

However, we’re proud to collaborate with 3DPW to guarantee that all returned 3D printing waste is diverted from landfill. This initiative allows us to repurpose your 3D printer waste, significantly reducing environmental pollution and giving plastic a second life! Through this effort, we’re committed to making 3D printing a more sustainable practice, one step at a time.

Why is there a minimum spend before I can recycle PLA waste?

We’re committed to making 3D printing more sustainable and waste recycling accessible for everyone. Introducing a minimum spend to qualify for a free PLA waste recycling box allows us to sustainably manage the costs associated with this initiative; recycling, while immensely beneficial for the environment, involves several logistical and processing costs. By setting a minimum spend, we not only encourage repeat business, which is essential for us to continue offering valuable services like this, but also ensure that we can cover these recycling costs without compromising on the quality of our offerings.

What if I have more questions about the recycling scheme?

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team through the contact form on our website or email us directly. We’re here to help!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Eligibility: This scheme is available exclusively to customers residing within the United Kingdom.
  2. Qualifying Products: The offer applies solely to “PLA 3D Printer Filament” products purchased directly from Filamentive’s website ( ) from 01.03.24.
  3. Minimum Spend Requirement: Eligibility for a FREE recycling box requires a minimum expenditure of £500 on qualifying products. This amount is calculated based on the subtotal of your order(s) exclusive of VAT. Cumulative spend allowed – multiple orders totalling the minimum spend requirement will qualify.
  4. Order Validation: To qualify for the free recycling box, customers must follow all provided instructions for the scheme. Eligibility is subject to validation by Filamentive. Only customers who have been confirmed as qualifying by Filamentive will receive the free recycling box.
  5. Liability: Filamentive is not liable for any issues related to customer service, including but not limited to supply, quality, or condition of products, once the recycling box is in the customer’s possession and any waste material management facilitated by third-party service providers, including 3D Printing Waste.
  6. Promotion Termination: Filamentive reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice. Changes to the scheme will not affect orders already validated and confirmed as eligible prior to any such changes.
  7. Non-Transferability: The offer is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other alternatives.
  8. Misuse: Any attempt to circumvent the rules, including but not limited to, fraudulently claiming eligibility or providing false information, will result in immediate disqualification from the scheme and may lead to legal action.
  9. Privacy: Participation in the scheme implies consent for Filamentive to process personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy, as necessary for the administration of the offer and for purposes related to the scheme’s execution and delivery of the recycling box.
  10. Environmental Claims: Participants agree not to make false or misleading claims about the environmental benefits of using Filamentive products or participating in the recycling scheme. Filamentive makes no representations or warranties regarding the specific environmental impact of participating in the scheme.
  11. Return and Shipping Policy: Details regarding the shipping of the recycling box, including any associated costs, and the process for returning filled boxes, will be communicated separately to qualifying customers. Filamentive reserves the right to amend these policies at its discretion.
  12. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising out of or related to the Free Recycling Box Scheme will be resolved in accordance with UK law, and by participating, you agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the UK courts.