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“What can I do with my empty 3D printer filament spools?”

This is a common question asked on online forums, social media groups and between fellow 3D printer users. Empty spools are a problem for 3D printer users; some choose to keep them, which takes up storage space. Others simply throw away empty reels, but if they are not properly discarded, they are rarely recycled via the proper channels, and usually end up in landfill, adding to our global waste management issues.

We’re pleased to say that a solution now exists – with mutual benefit to both the consumer and us. At Filamentive, sustainability is key to our business model and we are pioneering solutions for the challenges we face as 3D print users. As a producer of 3D printer filament, we feel it is our duty to take responsibility for the entire product lifecycle. Filamentive offer a financial reward of 20% discount on all orders over £40* when empty spools are returned, and in turn they will be recycled by us.

By returning empty spools, you are:

  • Decreasing environmental impact by reducing the amount of plastic going to landfill
  • Reducing the amount of clutter and increasing storage space
  • Receiving 20% discount on high quality, recycled 3D printer filament


If you’re planning to return empty spools, please fill in the contact form and a member of our friendly team will be in touch soon.

Also, please take a minute to read through the terms at the bottom of the page.

Do you have a photo? If so please attach an image here:

Examples of what we do with the empty spools, include:

  • Re-use for our own research/production
  • Donation to individuals and organisations who have a use for them
  • Recycle

If you’re business customer/education user/3D hub we can offer a discount off your next Filamentive purchase when you return empty spools – please contact us for more information. Please note, all spools must meet our terms (below) and the total box weight for B2B returns should not exceed 5kg.


We accept any brand of filament/spool – not just Filamentive –  however, please read the following terms;

  • Minimum spool diameter: 6 inches/152mm
  • Must be either clear or black in colour, other branded spools are fine
  • Must be made from industry-standard material, such as ABS
  • Discount activated only after we receive empty spools for inspection
  • Poor condition spools may be rejected so please ensure no cracks or deep scratches (sending images beforehand will speed up inspection)
  • Discount cannot to be used in conjunction with any other offer/discount code
  • Sender responsible for shipping costs
  • These terms subject to change at any time

*Shipping prices based on UK mainland shipping only. For up to 2 spools, we recommend Royal Mail second-class small parcel. For 3 spools or more, price is based on MyHermes ParcelShop (small) from

We accept recycled empty spools from customers outside the UK mainland, however we appreciate that shipping costs may be uneconomical. If this is the case, you can always try to think of new uses for empty spools – our friends at Cults3D have some cool ideas! Alternatively, we urge you to recycle your empty spools at a local recycling centre if possible.




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