What can I do with my Empty 3D Printer Filament Spools?

This is a common question asked on online forums, social media groups and between fellow 3D printer users. Empty spools are a problem for 3D printer users; some choose to keep them, which takes up storage space. Others simply throw away empty reels, but if they are not properly discarded, they are rarely recycled via the proper channels, and usually end up in landfill, adding to our global waste management issues.

If you still have empty plastic filament spools, we would encourage you to contact the brand / supplier – failing that, there is a secondary resale market for empty spools (e.g. eBay). Donating to a local makerspace may also be an option.


Switch to Cardboard-spooled Filament

In 2018 we became the first UK filament brand to use cardboard spools and in 2020 we overcame engineering challenges to be the first UK brand to switch to sustainable cardboard reels for >2 kg 3D printing filament products also.