Return Empty 3D Printer Filament Spools

“What can I do with my empty 3D printer filament spools?”

This is a common question asked on online forums, social media groups and between fellow 3D printer users. Empty spools are a problem for 3D printer users; some choose to keep them, which takes up storage space. Others simply throw away empty reels, but if they are not properly discarded, they are rarely recycled via the proper channels, and usually end up in landfill, adding to our global waste management issues.

We’re pleased to say that a solution now exists – with mutual benefit to both the consumer and us. At Filamentive, sustainability is key to our business model and we are pioneering solutions for the challenges we face as 3D print users. As a producer of 3D printer filament, we feel it is our duty to take responsibility for the entire product lifecycle.

  • *January 2019 update*

    As we are now using cardboard spools for 500g-1kg products, current customers can now easily recycled them post-use. However we do still use plastic for >2.3 kg spools so this scheme remains open for Filamentive products only. We hope we have led by example and other brands follow suit by switching to cardboard and/or taking back empty spools.

How To Return Filamentive Empty Spools

  1. Email us: – including: order number, date and name/business ordered under
  2. Once verified, we will reply to with further details, including return address

Please note: Customers responsible for all return costs. Storing/transporting/recycling these spools incurs costs for us therefore it is financially unviable to also pay for return postage.