World-leading hotel group, Jumeirah, is raising awareness for Turtle Conservation with a unique range of 3D printed turtle structures, being installed throughout Dubai.

Since its inception in 2004, the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project has rescued and recovered an incredible 1,600 turtles, releasing them back into their natural habitat. Renowned artist, Idriss B, has a penchant for polygonic art – with several installations throughout Dubai, and beyond. His innovative thinking has extended to this project also, which was inaugurated by Project Ambassador, Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan bin Khalid Al Qasimi.

Produced by Proto21 3D Printing Farm, the polygonal, 3D-printed turtles are made from Filamentive recycled material – reducing the environmental impact of this project, whilst also further highlighting the importance of environmental protection. These structures are being installed throughout Dubai, including one right by one the city’s most striking landmark, the Burj Al Arab Hotel. 

“It is always exciting to see our sustainable materials selected for high-visibility projects; given our own strong focus on sustainability, it is truly rewarding to be a small part of an impactful project that highlights marine conservation. We commend Jumeirah Group for their environmental efforts, thank our valued partners Proto21 for their sustainable 3D printing production, and also applaud Idriss B for his creativity in raising awareness for this all-important cause”

Ravi Toor – Founder & Managing Director, Filamentive

To further highlight the importance of marine conservation, Turtle Tea has been launched by Jumeirah Group, who will feature this purpose-led culinary offering at the Al Naseem’s Al Mandhar Lounge. A multi-sensory journey, Turtle Tea consists of polygonal, 3D-printed turtle shaped sculptures, which will be placed around the hotel. With every Turtle Tea experience, a contribution will be made to the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project. 

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Designed by: Mr Idriss B 

3D printed by: Proto21

Material used: Filamentive recycled PLA

Location: Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts, Dubai, UAE

Filamentive ( – is the market leader in sustainable materials for FFF 3D Printing. The company was founded to address the environmental need to use more recycled plastics in 3D printing, and also alleviate market concerns over quality and long-term sustainability. Filamentive has experienced rapid growth and continues to address the questions surrounding 3D printing recycled materials. Headquartered in Bradford, United Kingdom, its customers include a global network of makers, industry and education clients.