Thank You!

We have been shortlisted for “3D Printing Material Company of the Year” at the 3D Printing Industry awards – to be held in May 2018.

Thank you to all who nominated us, it means a lot! Especially to me personally. Just 2 years ago I was a university student with an idea in my head. We’re still a small start-up with a long way to go but I’m committed to ensure Filamentive delivers on our promise of sustainability, quality, affordability and reliability. 

I truly appreciate every single customer and I will always do my best to improve Filamentive for YOUR benefit – whether you’re an at-home hobbyist or large business with a 3D printer farm.

We’re in this position today because of YOU – I cannot be more thankful and appreciative!


1. CLICK this link

2. Enter your email address into the google form

3. Scroll down to “Material Company of the year” (7th category down) and select Filamentive (2nd from top)

4. Click submit!


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