As part of a MBA project, Filamentive will be a research partner of a project focussed on launching a 3D printing waste management service. 

Plastic waste is a global issue. Our current plastic extraction and consumption is unsustainable and is leading to detrimental impacts on land and in marine environments. Gartner suggests that there will be 6.7 million 3D printers sold by the year 2020. Assuming that each printer uses 20 kg of plastic per annum, 140,000,000 kg of plastic filament will be needed to meet market demand.

Despite being regarding as a sustainable manufacturing process, 3D printing still creates a significant amount of waste – including failed prints, discarded support structures, and test prints. As the proliferation of 3D printing increases, there will be a greater need for recycling and waste management solutions.

As a research partner for a MBA project, Filamentive is proud to announce that research into 3D printing waste management will commence. The first step is short survey to assess attitudes and behaviours towards 3D printing waste, and we’d really appreciated it if you took a couple minutes of your time to answer just a few questions related to your 3D printing use:

All respondents will be anonymous and the results of this survey will be used as data for a final year MBA project undertaken by a director of a 3D printing business. Filamentive and/or another organisation in the industry may use the data – and analysis of it – to propose a business solution for waste plastic in 3D printing.

If you have any questions please email us.