Recently, we began a series of product performance studies, conducting analysis on every product/variation that we have on our website. Considering we offer 270+ different products on our website, this took a lot of time and consideration from our end – following the study, we found that more than 60 products/variations were simply not performing to adequate standards, due to extremely low customer demand.

It is because of these findings that we have decided to mark most of our extremely low-demand products for discontinuationThis decision was not taken lightly, and we know the removal of these products may impact a very small percentage of our customers – However, we believe this to be the best decision, as we can now stock even more of the products you love, further decreasing the likelihood of any stock shortages on high-demand products.

With the exception of a few products, we have made sure to leave a backup variant available for each PLA & PETG product we removed. For example, PLA Green 1kg 2.85mm will be removed, but the 750g version of this will still be available to fall back on.

As you will see on the list, some products are to be removed immediately, and some will be removed once their stock hits 0. However, many of these products will still be available for custom orders – If you have any questions about this, or any general concerns or queries, please email