UK filament brand, Filamentive, have announced the release of Economy PLA – a UK-made, PLA 3D printing filament, featuring up to 99.99% recycled material.

With 99% of the market being non-recycled filament in an industry predicted to grow significantly over the coming years, material sustainability can no longer be ignored due to wide adoption of 3D printing.


With a focus on reducing the environmental impact of 3D printing, Filamentive is already committed to prioritising recycled materials, designing for a Circular Economy with 100% recyclable spooling and also proactively offsetting CO2 with tree plantation.


Due to an existing relationship with an industry partner, Filamentive is now able to offer a new recycled PLA material, compounded and extruded in the UK.


The new product is named Economy PLA and is available in Black & White, 1.75mm, 1 kg only. The ‘Economy’ makes reference to both the competitive price point and also its environmental friendly, Circular Economy origin. 


To avoid being landfilled, PLA waste has been sourced from a EU supplier then compounded and extruded in the UK. To enable easy end-user recycling, these new recycled PLA filament products also feature a 100% recyclable cardboard spool.


Post-industrial (pre-consumer) waste is material diverted from the waste stream during a manufacturing process. It is single-source waste – free of debris – which mitigates the risk of contamination. Economy PLA Black features 95% recycled material and Economy PLA White is 99.99% recycled material.

Economy PLA filament is easy to print and is ideal for day-to-day 3D printing / prototyping.

Standard PLA settings are advised, though experimenting is recommended in order to find the most optimal parameters to suit your needs and requirements.


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Please note: this is a one-off production and so have limited quantities available. Replenishment of these products is not anticipated once stock is exhausted.