Dear Valued Customer,


Firstly, thank you once again for being a valued Filamentive customer. We appreciate your custom and are proud to support your 3D printing needs – whether printing for pleasure, profit – or both!


At a time of economic uncertainty, there have been significant financial pressures – impacting us all as consumers and businesses alike. Costs have increased at unprecedented levels and inflation has risen to its highest rate in 30 years. 


Despite this, we have done our best to support customers and up until now, Filamentive has not increased pricing since 2019.


Our aim is to continue to focus on providing sustainable 3D printing materials without compromising quality. Here are just some of the benefits you receive as a Filamentive customer:

  • Premium 3D printing filament in a range of materials
  • Recycled materials, where possible
  • 100% recyclable cardboard spooling (up to 2.3 kg reels)
  • XL spools for large-scale 3D printing (up to 8.5 kg)
  • FREE next day delivery on ALL UK orders
  • CO2 offset via Ecologi
  • Eco Responsible 3D Printing Alliance membership
  • Regulatory and Healthy & Safety compliance
  • Trade discounts
  • Payment terms for eligible businesses


For an extensive list of all benefits we provide, see this short post.


Due to the extent of cost increases affecting manufacturing, raw materials, transport, energy, rent – as well as currency exchange rate fluctuation – it is no longer sustainable for us as a business to maintain existing pricing.


While our focus is to ensure we continue to deliver to your expectations, we have recently reviewed our service and – in line with cost increases and current inflation levels – I would like to inform you of a forthcoming 10% price increase, effective 3 April 2023. 


How are we supporting customers?


I appreciate that price is a major factor when purchasing. Especially for businesses. 

To help support customers, we are opening up our trade discount to non-business users.

If interested, please sign-up for FREE using this link for a 30% discount on orders above £83+VAT.

If you have an existing (non-trade) account, please contact us so we can simply switch this to a wholesale one. Please note: trade accounts are not compatible with discount codes so if you do wish to benefit from future promotions (i.e., discount codes) you will have to checkout as a ‘guest’ or create a non-wholesale account.


Furthermore, all sale items – discounted as of 2 April 2023 – will remain at the same pricing.


Do I need to do anything?


You don’t need to do a thing – prices will be automatically increased, from 3 April 2023. 


As said – if you want to benefit from a 30% trade discount for orders >£83+VAT, please sign-up for a FREE using this link, or contact us to upgrade your existing account. 


If you’d like to speak to a member of the Filamentive team about these changes, please email anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding. We greatly appreciate your continued business and support through this time of change.


Best Regards, 


Ravi Toor

Managing Director, Filamentive