Business as Usual

In response to enquiries related to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we can confirm that we are currently fully operational.

Being Proactive 

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people, customers and suppliers is of paramount importance. As a business we are rigorously following official NHS guidance to avoid catching and spreading coronavirus – including Stay at home advice should any employees develop symptoms.

Management of the business centre in which we are located have also imposed proactive measures, including (but not limited to):

Hand-washing facilities and hand sanitiser available throughout premises

Closing all meeting rooms 

No third-party visitors 

Impact on Customers

We are in constant communication with key partners. Production is unaffected however, we have experienced a notable increase in sales in recent days, which may impact stock levels of some products in the short-term. Naturally, we are being proactive and aim to increase buffer stock of best-sellers to meet high demand. Whilst we are certainly not recommending ‘stocking up’ it may be worth considering should you feel the need to do so to mitigate uncertainty.

Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus. From experience with other coronaviruses, we know that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels.


UK & EU Orders – Both Royal Mail (orders <2 kg) and Parcelforce (orders ≥2 kg) have advised changes to delivery procedure and suspension of UK service guarantee, plus the delivery aim for express9, express10 or expressAM is by 12pm.Further guidance here.

International Orders – For international orders (typically non-EU), we procure courier services from online providers. Their guidance can be read here at the following links:



Further Guidance

We are actively monitoring UK government response and will implement further measures accordingly if/when instructed. As said, until then, it is business as usual.

Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


T: +44 (0) 333 366 0020.

We face challenging times – rest assured we are doing our utmost to guarantee the wellbeing of all involved with Filamentive, whilst also minimising disruption to our day-to-day operations. 

Our well-wishes extend to all customers, suppliers and partners – thank you for your continued patience at this uncertain time.