1 July 2020

As many of you are most likely aware, we currently have very low stock levels of most products. This post serves as an update on the situation: advising when stock will be available and detailing the measures we are implementing to minimise the possibility of future stock-outs.

What are the main reasons for the stock shortages?

Ultimately, we are responsible for managing our inventory to avoid such issues, however, it must be noted the last three months have been unprecedented, due to:

Business uncertainty related to COVID-19, leading to conservative sales forecasts (initially)
Significant order volumes to satisfy demand for 3D-printed PPE to combat COVID-19
Surge in demand with less-than-usual supply due to fast growth of customer base (linked to above)
Extended production lead times due to industry-wide demand – from 3-4 weeks (usual timescale) to >12 weeks

When will stock be available?

We anticipate replenishment of key lines from 1 July – with the bulk of stock becoming available between 8th – 22nd July. This is not for definite so please account for ± 1 week.

Please Note: Only in-stock products visible on our website to maximise visibility of available products and easier navigation.

What actions are we taking to reduce lead times?

Minimised packaging at source (e.g. remove outer box) to expedite process and availability – without compromising quality
Priority production of key products (e.g. PLA, PETg) over more ‘exotic’ less-popular product lines
– Offer multiple product weight options (e.g. 750g, 1 kg and 2.3 kg)
Postponed product development until Q4 2020 to allocate resources effectively

What actions are we taking optimise stock management?

– Utilising updated AI-led inventory system with demand forecasting capability
– Implementing controlled stock release (i.e. not release all qty at once to manage order flow)
– Moving to larger premises by (Early) Q3 2020 to enable greater stockholding and improved operations
Streamlining inventory by discontinuing low-performance product lines – mainly 2.85mm, 1 kg – please note: we will still offer 750 g and / or 2.3 kg variants (dependent on product popularity).

We strongly advise:

Proactive ordering (i.e. if you typically order 1-month supply, consider to 2-3 month buffer).
Communicating with relevant stakeholders within your organisation to enable efficient ordering
– Ordering from our resellers / stockists – see list of Resellers here (enquire directly with the reseller/s)
– Considering alternative materials (e.g. PETg)

Whilst we are grateful for increased sales at this uncertain time, we are naturally frustrated to suffer regular stock-outs which inevitably affects your 3D printing workflow and for that, we sincerely apologise.

We’re working tirelessly to meet demand but it is certainly a challenge – not just for us but across the filament market.

The silver-lining is that such circumstances have presented us with an opportunity to improve our operations and whilst certainly painful in the short-term, it can only benefit both us and our valued clients going forward.

Should you wish to discuss this matter further, please don’t hesitate to contact us:


T: +44 (0) 333 366 0020.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.