Same-day Dispatch / Next Day Delivery

As you will most likely be aware, Filamentive has optimised operations by moving to third-party logistics (3PL).

Whilst teething issues were expected, the transition has been more problematic than originally anticipated. Due to a syncing error between our website (WooCommerce) and the 3PLs system, orders are not being sent autonomously. Because of this, orders are being manually (bulk) uploaded by our 3PL; the extra steps involved have increased workload which has resulted in delays to order processing, dispatch and delivery.

The good news is that the root cause of the issue has been identified and our 3PL partner is confident the issue will be resolved very soon.

We anticipate same-day dispatch and next day delivery resuming by w/c 12 September 2022. We will duly update our website shipping classes to reflect this once reinstated.

Stock Availability 

Another challenge Filamentive is facing is that of production delays. Our manufacturing partner has faced unforeseen challenges in recent weeks which has severely impacted existing production orders and lead times.

Whilst largely beyond our control, all measures are being taken to manage the situation and minimise disruption where possible.

We anticipate out of stock products being replenished between 12 September to 7 October.

Should your chosen product variant be unavailable, it’s important to note that the product may be available in a product bundle pack and / or XL spool (from 2.3 kg to 8.5 kg).

Be the first to be Notified once Stock is Available

If your chosen product(s) are showing out of stock, we’ve now made it quick and easy to be notified once stock is available:

  1. Go to the product page 
  2. Enter diameter and / or weight desired 
  3. Enter email address 
  4. Press Get Notified 
  5. You will be alerted via email once stock is available

Going Forward

We accept that the last few weeks have been highly disruptive and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience it’s caused. 

The good news is that issues are being overcome and action is being taken to avoid a repeat of this disruption going forward.

Should you need to speak to us about this – or anything else – please email A member of the Team will respond within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.