Thank You

We’d just like to start by saying THANK YOU. 2017 was an amazing year for us. We have been fortunate enough to acquire capital to fund growth, successfully relaunch our brand, increase our customer base to more than 1000 and supply some of the worlds’ leading businesses using 3D printing, including as Open Bionics. We are truly grateful you have decided to spend your hard-earned money with us this year. Everything we do is for you and we hope to strengthen our customer relationships in 2018 and beyond.

30% OFF

To celebrate the season of goodwill, we are happy to announce a MASSIVE 30% OFF ALL orders between now and the 2nd January 2018. We’re already proud to offer some of the lowest pricing for high quality filament, but if you spend more than £40 with us, you can use code XMAS30 for 30% OFF your cart. This sale also serves as an opportunity to expedite our transition to cardboard spools. From 2 January, all filament produced will be wound onto our, premium quality, high-strength cardboard spools. Not only does this further reduce our environmental impact, but it also means you can recycle it easily! Helping us move towards a circular economy in 3D printing.

Whats available?

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NOTHING is excluded from this sale; as long as your cart sub-total is over £40, you can use the code XMAS30 to get 30% OFF the total value. This could be the perfect time to try our new bioPC filament. This modified copolyester material boasts heat resistance to 100°C, high impact resistance and chemical resistance. Polycarbonate filaments typically contain Bisphenol A (BPA) – a chemical strongly linked to serious health and environmental impacts. As an ethical brand, we’re pleased to announce that our bioPC is BPA-free. Overall, this is an impressive, easy to print, engineering filament. Read more about ur justification for bioPC here. We’ve had excellent feedback so far – the highly respected RichRap is massive fan of the material; “…it’s looking very good, so much easier to use than other PC or PCABS materials I have used in the past. BPA-free is really good to see too.”

In addition, we also offer the following 3D printer filament materials:

  • PLA – Our bestseller, Featuring up to 90% recycled content, easy printability and vivid colours.
  • ABS – a high strength, ultra low-warp material; highly superior to standard ABS. Up to 90% recycled content.
  • PETg – Strong like ABS, easy to print like PLA – Perfect hybrid! Up to 90% recycled content.
  • Carbon Fibre – a PETg composite, featuring 20% carbon fibre powder additive. Lightweight, attractive matte grey finish and very tough.
  • Wood – PLA-based composite. Looks, smells and feels like wood! ~40% recycled wood fibre.

Don’t just take our word for it!

94% of customers rate us as either very high or high quality. Still not convinced? This is a short compilation of what many of the 3D printing experts and influencers have had to say:

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We are closed from Saturday 23 December 2017 – Monday 1 January 2018No calls will be answered during this time and all emails will be responded to as soon as possible on our return. Orders received in this time will also be dispatched from 2 January – we will aim to dispatch all orders by Friday 5 January.