Recently, we’ve had a few of our customers comment on the cardboard ‘fillers’ we use in
parcels. We do this to ensure that when there is additional room in the box, your products
don’t move around too much and risk being damaged.

However, we do understand that our customers might not always have the extra room in their
recycling bins – Some customers have been asking us what they need to order to ensure no
cardboard ‘fillers’ are used. Below is some information that details the capacity of each of the
box styles we use.

*This is merely a guideline for those who wish to avoid cardboard fillers*



Small box (A4)
Size – 32 x 24 x 24cm
● 5 x 750g spools
● 4 x 1kg spools
● 4 x 750g spools AND 1 x 1kg spool

Regular box
Size – 42 x 42 x 22cm
● 12 x 750g spools
● 8 x 1kg spools

Large box
Size – 44 x 44 x 30cm
● 16 x 750g spools
● 12 x 1kg spools

XL spool box
Size – 54 x 34 x 32cm
● 7 x 2.3kg cardboard spools
● 5 x 2.3kg plastic spools (Plastic spools are currently being phased out)