2.3kg Silver PETG 3D Printer Filament

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  • Premium PETG 3D Printer filament
  • Recycled material: 99% (ISO 14021)
  • 100% recyclable cardboard spool and packaging#
  • Spool dimensions
  • Colour ref – 9006 (Default = RAL, Numbers with a ‘C’ on the end refer to Pantone)

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Our brand new rPETg colours are made from post-industrial recycled plastic - 99.5% recycled content (The 0.5% consists additives to improve 3D printing performance).

Like our current rPETg line, this filament is strong, does not warp, and is odour-neutral - a perfect all-rounder, ideal for those strong and durable parts. 

How it’s made:

  1. Discarded, single-source PETg plastic waste - that would otherwise go to landfill - is received from manufacturers.
  2. The plastic is sorted and cleaned, to remove any unwanted debris, before being shredded and melted down to further refine the polymer.
  3. The plastic present in a variety of colours and so therefore undergoes a compounding to create a grey-coloured, homogeneous material.
  4. High quality masterbatch is then added to this neutral shade pellets to create the desired colour- the material is extruded and wound onto 100% recyclable cardboard spools ready for use!

Please note: rPETg colours originate from a different source compared to our black, white and transparent colours. As such, print temperatures & fan speed settings may differ slightly. This can be different across various types/models of 3D Printers, so it's best to experiment and find which works best for you.

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Weight3.2 kg

4 reviews for 2.3kg Silver PETG 3D Printer Filament

  1. Lorenzo Conti

    Got a sample spool of this and it prints very well. Nice material

  2. Will

    Great quality, prints well and looks great. Recycled which is a bonus.

  3. Marcin (verified owner)

    Great filament, easy to print. Highly recommended.

  4. Glyn Walton (verified owner)

    Prints well. Clean, well packed, easy to set up and use.

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