3D-printed toys from Twin Toys

Twin Toys make colourful, safe, and engaging toys for children – designed and 3D-printed in the UK with recycled bio-plastic from Filamentive.

Twin Toys’ aim is to make children’s toys that are fully circular from using recycled bio-plastics and 3d printing, to being able to return them end of life to be remade into something new. All toys are designed, 3D-printed, and sold in the UK to reduce impact on the environment and ensure materials are recirculated where they are created.

  • Uses 50% recycled content
  • Non-toxic plant-based material
  • Suitable for 12 months +
  • Certified and tested to UK and EU safety standards
  • Can be returned end of life
  • Reuse, return, remake

The idea for Twin Toys was created by Director, Susie Page, who is a mum of three years old twins, and an environmental professional working in the corporate sector.

She says, ‘plastic can be a great material for children’s toys as its versatile and brightly coloured. There are very few toy makers offering alternatives to virgin based plastic toys, and while wooden toys are great and we have plenty of those, I wanted to create products with plastic that are fully circular and aim to reduce environmental impact’.

Susie Page, Director, Twin Toys Ltd

Twin Toys are launching with three shape-based toys targeted at 12+ months to support children’s skills with building, stacking and identifying different shapes and colours.

Launch date 1st February 2020

Contact: Susie Page, Director

Email: susie@twintoys.co.uk

Website: www.twintoys.co.uk  

Phone: 07715 467 048

Twin Toys (www.twintoys.co.uk  – susie@twintoys.co.uk) are a Buckingham-based company making colourful, safe, and engaging toys for children, designed and manufacturing in the UK using 3D printing and recycled bio-plastics. All toys are tested to UK, AU, and EU standards. Non- toxic plant based material. BPA-free & Phthalates-free.

Filamentive (https://filamentive.com/info@filamentive.com) is the market leader in sustainable materials for FFF 3D Printing. The company was founded to address the environmental need to use more recycled plastics in 3D printing, and also alleviate market concerns over quality and long-term sustainability. Filamentive has experienced rapid growth and continues to address the questions surrounding 3D printing recycled materials. Headquartered in Bradford, United Kingdom, its customers include a global network of makers, industry and education clients.