Filamentive (, a UK based pioneer in recycled 3D Printing materials, has launched a new partnership in the United States with 3D Printlife (  This partnership enables Filamentive customers to purchase their filaments in the US with same day domestic shipping.

“The US remains the #1 3D printing market globally. This reflects in both our web analytics as well as the tangible growth in sales enquiries from 3D printing users in the States. Naturally, the geographic barrier has greatly inhibited US customer purchases, so it has long been our aim to find the right North American Distributor; in 3D Printlife, we now have the perfect partner. Commercially, we are working with an established player in the US 3D printing market, with a strong foothold in B2B / Education channels, as well as Amazon. But more importantly, Filamentive & 3D Printlife have a shared ethos: sustainability is central to our respective business models – a mutual passion for reducing environmental impact of 3D printing”

Ravi Toor, Founder of Filamentive

Filamentive’s initial US launch with 3D Printlife focuses on five of their most popular materials:

  • rPLA: Premium PLA filament made with 55% recycled content 
  • PLA Matte: 70% Recycled PLA that produces a beautiful matte finish
  • rPETG: High quality PETG made from 67% recycled content
  • rASA: 50% recycled UV resistant ASA filament. Perfect for outdoor applications
  • Carbon Fibre: 100% recycled Carbon Fibre PETG

All of these materials will feature same day shipping and are compatible with popular brands like Ultimaker, Raise3D, Creality, Dremel, XYZPrinting, and Flashforge to name a few. 

“3D Printlife is proud to introduce Filamentive’s innovative line of sustainable materials to the US market. Their continued commitment to sustainability and quality in 3d printing is exemplary, and we’re excited to offer their filaments at a price that is still in line with European levels. Beyond the sustainable nature of their filaments and packaging, the print quality is outstanding, and numerous online reviews support that. We view Filamentive as one of the leading filament producers in Europe, and we know our customers will love their material selection.  In fact, a few select customers are already requesting spools from our first shipment. Overall we could not be happier or more aligned with Filamentive’s brand and philosophy.”

Buzz Baldwin, Co-Founder of 3D Printlife.

3D Printlife ( – is a leading US manufacturer of innovative and eco-friendly 3D filaments.  Founded in 2012, they offer a unique line of proprietary materials, as well as a growing list of materials, 3d printers, and accessories from a curated selection of brands.

Filamentive ( – is the market leader in sustainable materials for FFF 3D Printing. The company was founded to address the environmental need to use more recycled plastics in 3D printing, and also alleviate market concerns over quality and long-term sustainability. Filamentive has experienced rapid growth and continues to address the questions surrounding 3D printing recycled materials. Headquartered in Bradford, United Kingdom, its customers include a global network of makers, industry and education clients.